Dev Talk Vol.02丨Why a Third-Person Shooter?

Since Marvel Rivals' inception, we've been tackling one big question: How do we bring Super Hero combat to life for players?

We brainstormed like mad scientists, and one thing we kept coming back to was the need to see the heroes you're playing as. It's all about fully embodying your favorite hero or villain, kicking butt in combat, and savoring the sweet taste of victory – this is the experience Marvel Rivals aims to deliver.

In Marvel Rivals, shooting isn't about guns; it's about quick targeting, executing attacks (be it ranged or melee), and feeling the rush of unleashing those ultimate abilities. We're all about that full 3D spatial combat freedom and we want players to feel the raw power of their favorite heroes, zipping around, using powers, and taking down foes with style.

To achieve this, we decided early on to pursue TPS (that's third-person shooter) as our combat core. It's the perfect way to showcase the unique abilities and mobility of our heroes. You'll see every punch, every blast, every spectacular move imaginable as you battle it out. The pace is off the charts as allies and foes zip, zoom, and zing across the battlefield, making every moment a thrill. With the third-person view, you'll always have a front-row seat to the action while witnessing the real-time environment destruction, giving you the edge to strategize, support, and synergize with your team to dominate the game.

Of course, adopting TPS didn't come without its challenges:

Marvel Super Heroes and Villains come in all shapes and sizes, from the towering Hulk to the tiny Rocket Raccoon (just don't tell him that). And let's not forget about their crazy cool powers - we've got ground pounders, sky-soaring fliers, wall-crawling wonders, and even some special things you haven’t seen yet. Trust us, making sure they all look amazing is no small feat. We've been playing around with camera rules, tweaking positions, adjusting FOV (that's field of view), and fine-tuning hero performances to make sure they all shine. And as always, we're looking for feedback to make each one even better, so be sure to let us know.

Another challenge is encouraging players to switch from FPS (that's first-person shooter) to TPS. If you're used to FPS games, leaping into our TPS realm might feel a bit like going into a whole new world! You may need a little time to adjust to some new elements: like dealing with your character obstructing the left field, resulting in different aiming and shooting experiences, disparities between anticipated skill usage distances, and the potential for players to gain additional visibility by utilizing cover. We've got your back though, as we’re constantly tweaking things to make the transition as smooth as possible. So be sure to let us know how we're doing and what we can do to make Marvel Rivals the ultimate Super Hero team-based PvP shooter.

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