Marvel Rivals Hits PlayStation with an Upcoming Closed Beta Test!

Today, Marvel Rivals hit Sony Interactive's State of Play, announcing its arrival on the PlayStation console, with a Closed Beta Test (CBT) scheduled for July on the platform. The event featured the release of a latest trailer, giving fans and gamers across the globe a glimpse of what's to look forward to in the CBT. Jump into the new map TOKYO 2099: SPIDER-ISLANDS with fresh heroes to join the fray—Venom and Adam Warlock, who bring along exciting new Team-Ups!



Venom &Adam Warlock—Unleash a New Chapter of Battle!

The Closed Beta Test is firing up with the arrival of fan-favorites Venom and Adam Warlock to the supercharged Multiverse rivalry. On the newly unveiled TOKYO 2099: SPIDER-ISLANDS map, get ready for some intense showdowns with the mightiest Super Heroes and Super Villains. Choose Venom to tap into the power of the symbiote and devour your enemies, or pick Adam Warlock and unleash the potential of quantum magic, establishing a soul bond with your teammates to charge ahead or resurrect your entire team!



Symbiote Bond & Guardian Revival—New Team-UpsActivated!

With new heroes comes new Team-Ups! Venom and the Spider-Totems can set aside their differences to morph into a united Venomized force, piercing through the battlefield with dark, lethal spikes. Adam Warlock can boost the psychic prowess of Mantis and Star-Lord, granting them the power of cocooned revival!

Team-Up Ability: Symbiote Bond

Team-Up Ability: Guardian Revival


Scarlet Spider—PlayStation 5 Exclusive Costume!

To thank PS5 players who have showed love and support for Marvel Rivals, we've got a special treat lined up just for you—an exclusive Scarlet Spider costume, yours to claim by simply logging in on your PS5 when the game goes live! Wishlist it now on here


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